Bullying & Cyberbullying Follow-up – More about What Works

We’re getting lots of feedback on earlier posts – the encouragement is much appreciated!

Here are two recent articles expanding on the theme of bullying & the debate about what to do about it:

1. Bullying, according to a large poll, is the 4th most common fear among parents.  More about what schools and parents can do – what really works:  http://www.babycenter.com/0_top-5-parenting-fears-and-what-you-can-do-about-them_3656609.bc?page=4   (Other 4 topics also very interesting.)

2. Is the Internet a haven or a dark alley?  Do youth “hang out” online because they can’t bike around the neighbourhood until supper?  A cultural study of teens online & some who conclude that us grown-ups should relax a bit – do you agree?

Parents’ worries misplaced, expert says – Pamela Paul, Globe & Mail, 24 Jan 2012



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Dr. Spencer has worked with families, schools, and residential treatment settings using an evidence-based framework and cognitive-behavioural perspective. She specializes in learning problems, attachment, mood disorders, teen self-harm and the autism and fetal alcohol spectra.
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  1. Newton says:

    Where exactly is the facebook like link ?

  2. Garuda says:

    Thanks for sharing the wibsete link that you are using with parents and community to address the challenges of Cyberbullying. Without a doubt, schools must address issues that are affecting the learning environment, regardless of the genesis of the problem. I think my fear is that the problem of cyberbullying will be dropped at the doorsteps of the schools to solve. Clearly, parents and community cannot be absent from the solution. We too have found that the most effective approach has been what we refer to as a community inoculation,’ which simply means that training and support must be provided at all levels students, staff, parents, and communities as a whole. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.

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